Giving a new meaning to sustainable development
Our Mission
We aspire to develop ethical principles for the Anthropocene, where all forms of life and intelligence will be able to thrive in harmony with each other and the Planet.
Anthropocene Epoch is a community of researchers, educators and communications professionals working together to advance the understanding of the ongoing environmental, social and technological changes and their ethical implications.
We have borrowed our name from the proposed geological period in the Earth history, when humanity has become the primary driving force shaping the future of the planet.
Our belief
Recent research has suggested the existence of cultural learning in non-human animals, and if the technological advances to build a general artificial intelligence succeed, we may have to deal with techno-based culture. We believe that in the new era we need new guiding ethical principles to ensure a better future for people and planet.
What we do
Research and reports
We engage in a wide range of research projects aimed to measure anthropogenic impact on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, assess social and economic implication of AI, and develop ethical principles for the Anthropocene
Field trips and expeditions
We take part in field trips, study tours and research expeditions to biodiversity hotspots and hi-tech hubs to advocate our research enhance better understanding of the most critical challenges of the Anthropocene. Our geography encompasses Brazil and the Russian Far East, Altai and California, Caucasus and Singapore
Public talks, lectures and round tables
To promote science to the wider audiences, we arrange public talks, lectures, and meetups, inviting top experts and speakers from around the globe
Storytelling, books reviews and games development
As part of our environmental education agenda, we frequently write to popular science and lifestyle editions, and engage in a number of publishing projects both as authors and scientific advisors
CSR and sustainable development stategies
We are keen to ensure better future for all forms of life and intelligence, and are open to cooperation with decisionmakers and influencers to help them make informed decisions
Communications campaings and internal events
We have been designing and executing digital and offline communications campaigns to promote nature conservation, sustainable lifestyles, diversity and inclusion
Meet the team
The smartest people work every day to make this World different
Dmitry Burenko
Co-Founder & Director
Pavel Boev
Co-Founder and Chief Science Director
Lada Simacheva
Fundraising and Stakeholders Engagement Director
Zhenia Zueva
Producer and Event Manager
Evgenia Gunter
Chief Editor, Copywriter and Journalist
Designer and Photographer
Chief Conservation Officer and Tech Expert
SMM and Communication Manager
Researcher and Fact Checker
PR and Relationship Manager
Methodist and Instructional Designer
Science Artist and Illustrator
Our partners and friends
If you are interested in becoming a client, partner or donor, please feel free to write us.
+7 917 577 53 66

Let us know if you want to be a part of our team or community. We are open for the new partnerships, opportunities and challenges ahead.
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